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Friday Fling

3rd November 2022

A puckle o storytellers will be haudin a gaithering at King’s College chaipel, Aiberdeen, on Friday 4 November for tae spin twa-three stories for aw thaim that tunes in. The Friday Fling is brocht tae ye bi the Grampian Associe o Storytellers alang wi the Elphinstone Institute at the versity. The storytellers, aw belangin the Aiberdeen airt, will stert oot wi a story o thair ain, an syne thay’ll get interviewed anent thair skeel.

The haunling sterts aff at 7pm an can be jyned bi clappin on the link  bi gait o Zoom.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

Photie bi Dr Dauvit Horsbroch

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