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Scots census questions unanswered

26th March 2007

The General Records Office has launched the latest in a series of consultations on the range of questions which it is proposing putting into the next census. One of the questions it would like people's views on concerns the Scots language. Tests undertaken by the GRO suggest that some people find difficulty in understanding question about Scots and are unsure about how to answer them. Rob Gibson MSP, convener of the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Scots has been asking people to participate in the consultation exercise, "If people don't support the inclusion of a question on Scots the GRO will be able to say that there was no public backing for it. I'd encourage people to take part in the consultation - it only takes a few minutes to complete the form online." The consultation runs until June and any one wishing to take part in it can do so in writing or by filling in the online response form. You can access these and more information about the process at the GRO's web site