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Scots and Northumbrian Research

25th February 2010

Those with an interest in comparing the Scots language with other, similar language communities, may like to know about a research project now underway at the University of Newcastle, in the north of England. Karen Lowing, who is Degree Programme Director: MA Educational Research, has begun a funded research project that compares the Scots language with the Northumbrian dialect of English. As part of this work, Lowing has begun visiting schools in both Scotland and the north of England in order to compare awareness of, and provisions for, the two communities. The Scots language and the Northumbrian dialect both evolved on distinct paths from the northern form of Anglo-Saxon spoken in the northern half of the British Isles a thousand years ago. Lowing is currently conducting research within one school in Dumfries and Galloway region, and another in Northumberland. If you would like to learn more, or would like to suggest other schools that might take part in the study, Karen Lowing can be contacted either by e-mail at or by phone on 0191 222 7593.