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Shetland songs - Craigsaet.

26th November 2009

CraigsaetA new CD of children's poetry, songs and stories has just been launched in Shetland. The dialect promotion group Shetland ForWirds has produced 'Craigsaet' a collection of traditional and new songs for the very young, all sung in the Shetlandic dialect. Various outlets in Shetland are selling the CD including High Level Music and Shetland Museum. Further details are available from Mary Blance at 01595 694104.

Boannie Tammie Scolla


We have here an interview with Laureen Johnson, convenor of Shetland ForWirds. She explains how the CD came about and who was involved in making it. At the end of the interview we can hear 'Craigsaet', the title track of the CD sung by Melvyn Leask and Hakki Spence. We also have a further track from the album, the traditional tune Boannie Tammie Scolla sung by Freda Leask and Brian Nicholson.

Interview with Laureen Johnson