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Minister Recognises Scots

5th November 2009

This week it was announced that Michael Russell, Minister for Culture, External Affairs and the Constitution, in the Scottish Government, would be adding the Scots language to his short list of official responsibilities. The move came after Dr Bill Wilson, MSP for West of Scotland, asked the Minister about the remit for the language.  Mr Russell said that he was happy to include Scots. Commenting about this, Dr Wilson said “The listing of Scots on the Scottish Government Website as part of the Minister’s portfolio may seem a trivial matter, but it is through small steps such as these that the language will regain the status and recognition it has been denied for some time…It’s good to see the Scottish Government tackling the Scottish cringe in this way, and so helping to re-build Scottish self-confidence. This is intergral to equipping Scotland to prosper both socially and economically.”