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Scots no barrier to business success

23rd August 2010

Scots Language Centre Director, Michael Hance, has written to Colin Borland at the Federation of Small Business in Scotland to ask him to explain why the FBS is opposed to children learning more about the Scots language.

Hance said, ‘Colin Borland gave the impression in a recent comment in the press that he was an opponent of the Scots language. I’ve written to him to enquire about his reasons for holding this view. Perhaps Mr Borland doesn’t know any Scots speaking business owners but I can tell him from my own experience that using Scots is no barrier to running successful and profitable small businesses.’

Hance went on to say, ‘Scots has been part of our culture for centuries. During this time Scotland has led the world in having an enterprising and hard-working culture. It hasn’t been any impediment to success in the past – why should it be now? There are plenty of people running businesses in this country who love Scots culture and speak the Scots tongue. Mr Borland certainly doesn’t speak for them.’

At present Borland has not responded to Hance’s message.  

Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland