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Education News: Autumn 2018

21st September 2018

The Scots Language Centre have developed new, interactive, online resources to support learners of Scots. The materials draw on features that were previously available through Scots Language Dictionarys Scuilwab, as well as entirely new activities. The resource includes a diverse range of Scots and is enhanced by the use of audio files so beginners or non-Scots speakers can hear the Scots texts being read aloud.

For learners aged 3-18, the activities include games which are suitable for use on multiple platforms and are designed to be used with minimal support from teachers or parents. The learning materials support CfE Literacy and English; and Modern Languages experiences and outcomes.

Learners in the Senior Phase will benefit from activities which support the Set Texts at National 5 and Higher English as well as the Scots Language Award.

The resources are continually being updated and improved all user feedback should be directed to


Diary of a Wimpy Wean was published by Black and White publishing. Translated into Scots by Thomas Clark, this book is based on the first of a best-selling series of books (Jeff Kinneys Diary of a Wimpey Kid) about the adventures of a young boy.


Jean Eyre, a North East Scots translation of Jane Eyre, was published by Evertype. You can read a review of the novel here.


ASLSs popular teachers conference, held annually at University of Glasgow, returns on Saturday 6th October. The conference features lectures on Scots drama, Jekyll and Hyde and Teaching Muriel Spark. Click here to find out more and sign up for the conference.


Scotlands first Scots Language Caf ran the first of its monthly sessions at the Project Caf in Glasgow. Click here to find out more.