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Caw for Doric Fest 2023


Caw for Doric Fest 2023

29th August 2022

The caw haes noo gane oot for the fort Doric Film Fest, wi this year’s theme cryed ‘Dinna Pit Aff’. The Doric Film Fest, brocht tae ye bi Frieda Morrison, an wi siller an uphaud fae the Scots Government, wis estaiblisht for tae gie aw thaim wi an intress in film-makkin a shot at pittin thegither wee pictures throu North East Scots, kent as The Doric. The deidline for pittin forrit yer picture will be Aprile 2023 wi the winnin intries gettin thair first ootset at a shawing in the follaein Mey. The ordnar rules o the gemm is that the picture maun be in some wey aboot life in the North East, an it maun be throu the Doric. Sae please clap yer device on for tae find oot mair anent the competeetion, rules, an dates.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.