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Sangschaw Competition 2016

5th October 2015

The Scots Language Society is calling for entries to its Sangschaw 2016 competition. There are entries in three categories as follows: the Hugh MacDiarmid Tassie (cup) for poetry with a first prize of 100 and runner up of 50. The next prize if for the Robert McLellan Tassie for a Short Story, first prize 100 and 50 runner up. The third section is for the John MacPhail Law Tassie, first prize 100, with second prize of 50. Poetry must not be more than 60 lines and prose no more than 3000 words. Entries must not have been published previously and must be submitted by 31 January 2016 to Sangschaw c/o 6 Dryden Place, Edinburgh EH9 1RP.

Entries cost 5 per entry or 12 for three entries and should be paid by cheque to Scots Language Society. Please remember to include your name and address on a separate sheet.