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Mither Tongue Gifts

26th November 2013

Are you looking for a gift this Christmas, something with a Scots language theme or message? Then why not try Mither Tongue Cards and Gifts. Established at the end of the 1990s by Maggie Cruickshank, this Scottish business is based at Keith in the North East of Scotland and specialises in gifts with a Scots language theme. Down through the years Maggie has become one of a number of conspicuous campaigners for greater support and status for the Scots language, while her shop has become an iconic feature of Keiths main street. If you would like to find out more please check out the range of gifts on offer using the various links below.


Santa's Scottish -
Auld Lang Syne -

Tea Towel (Scottish Foods) -
Peenie (Scottish Foods) -
Peenie (Scots Alphabet) -
Mugs (Scotsman) -
Mood Mug -
"To A Mouse" Mouse Mat -
Book - The Gruffalo in Scots -
Book - The Gruffalo's Wean in Scots -
Book - Somethin for Aabody -
Book - Rabbie's Rhymes -
Book - Fit's for Supper -