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IndyLan app tae be ootset

18th January 2022

A split-new app that comprehends the Scots leid haes noo been throu hauns wi pruivin. IndyLan is a new smert phone app brocht tae ye bi the Versity o Heriot-Watt in Embra an pairt fundit bi the Erasmus + project oot the EU. Its ettle is tae learn fowk sax less-used or sma leids o Europe, namely Scots, Scots Gaelic, Cornish, Bescayan, Galeisien, an Norland Sami. Steve Byrne, the co-airter for the Scots leid, haed the burden for owersettin 4,000 words in Scots. Scots speakers syne wis askit tae dounlaid the app, gie it a shot, an send in feedback bi the end o November fernyear as tae whither the app gaed bonnily, or no. The project lippent on heidwords waled oot the Concise Scots Dictionar, and pairtly on the 1998 Spelling Comatee, for the spellings o words, sae fowk that’s weel aquent wi the leid will tak tent o this.

Steve Byrne, that’s weel kent as a sangster, wis askit bi a puckle fowk in aboot the field o ethnology at Heriot Watt tae gie advice anent words in the leid, seen as Steve haed been reared in Angus, an, in his ain words said “…afore A kent it, A wis ane o the team o fowk fae a wheen kintras ettlin tae pit thegither a fantoosh new app fur hamelt leids, supportit bi siller fae the EU.” He gaed on tae tell the SLC that it haed twa year o darg, wirkin wi fowk the braid warld, Indie comprehendit, an wi the Covid smit tae deal wi forby. Steve haed tae turn mony words, saws, an expressions fae leets in Soothron but fund that vocabular for medical graith, technology an sindry modren terms, cuid whiles be a fash.  He said “…A suin felt a bittie trachelt thinkin on gaps in ma ain vocabular. Whit div we say fur "maternity leave"..."bairn leave"? "Awa haein a bairn"? Some o thae things needs thocht aboot fur Scots gaun forrit, gin we want tae uise it in mair formal settins.” He made the important pynt that “A ken it'll no please aabody but as a lairners' resource A think it's a fell guid stert.” Steve Byrne concludit wi his lang term howps and said, “…A'd lik tae think it wad gie beginners a guid road intae the warld o spaekin Scots, whit it leuks an soons like, in a cannie wey that disna mean fowk hae tae sign up til a coorse or thon, thay can hae a wee footer wi it in their ain time.”

The IndyLan app will hae its offeecial ootset ower twa dates. The first, for baith Scots an Scots Gaelic, will be held on Friday 21 Januar 2022, atween 4 an 5.30pm, online at  follaed bi the full ootset for aw leids on Thursday 27 Januar atween 5 an 7.30pm at  wi performances stertin fae 6.45pm.

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