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Wunds That Blaw Sae Roch

14th November 2022

It’s fifty year fae Lallans wis first set furth, an for tae mark this the Scots Leid Associe haes brocht oot a buik o walings fae ower the years. Cryed Wunds That Blaw Sae Roch: 50 Years o Lallans Prose, the buik haes intil’t walings oot the wark o some fifty screivars, stertin wi JK Annand fae the first Lallans back in the 1970’s. Mony o the airticles haes been edit doun but the buik shaws whit ootgie o Lallans the airticle haes been taen fae sae that a body can awa an find the full oreeginal. The’r aw kin kind o subjects dealt wi here, fae history, tae maiters o langage an spelling, cutty stories, plays an owersettins, an comment anent lettert warks. For a body lookin for a guid pree o whit’s been wrutten throu Scots prose thir fifty year bygane this buik is a rare stert.

Wunds That Blaw Sae Roch haes been edit wi J Derrick McClure, Elaine Morton an William Hershaw, three weel kent bodies that’s been in aboot Lallans for mony year. The buik (ISBN 978-1-913162-19-1) is priced £12.99 an set furth bi Grace Note Publications, an can be coft bi gait o email or throu the post at 61 Cliffburn Road, Arbroath DD11 5AB.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Wunds That Blaw Sae Roch