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Wonder at Alice

23rd April 2015

Regular visitors to the SLC website will be aware that for the past few years we have been giving some assistance to the Alice in Wonderland project. This project, which is the brainchild of online publishers Evertype, is attempting to translate the Alice story into as many languages and their regional dialects as possible, including the Scots language.

To date Alice has been translated into several of the 10 dialects in Scotland, including North-East (Doric) and Shetland. Evertype would like to achieve translations of all ten forms and are currently calling for translators to come forward who can translate Alice into the two dialects of (a) South Central Scots (which covers South Ayrshire, Wigtown and Galloway) and (b) the dialect of East Angus & Kincardine (the area between Stonehaven and Broughty Ferry, including Brechin and Forfar).  To check the boundaries of these dialects please download our PDF guide to the dialects below.

If you are able to write in either of the above two dialects, and would like to translate Alice, please contact co-ordinator John Lindseth at who will provide guidance and further details.