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12th January 2018

For those interested in reading more current non-fiction in Scots there is now a Scots language blog which contains a number of interesting articles. Called Mak Forrit, the blog began in 2017 and is edited by Jamie Smith and it is described as “scrievins anent politics, cultur, the airts an mair.”

Each month new articles are added to the growing collection of material. Among the latest contributions are articles by Alistair Heather on body snatching in 19th century Scotland, and Malaya in World War II – complete with audio versions –Antonia Uri in North East Scots (Doric) about Jamie Fleeman of Longside, Aberdeenshire, who was Scotland’s last professional jester, James McDonald on recent events in Catalonia, and Thomas Clark’s comparison of the languages and history of Flanders and Scotland.

You can read the articles above, and more besides, by visiting .