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New buik anent Neill oot

22nd July 2022

For fowk that taks an intress in aw o Scotlands aulder an estaiblisht leids Gaelic, Scots an Soothron ther a new buik oot that shair tae kittle. Poyets Hugh McMillan an Stuart Paterson haes brocht oot a buik cryed The Leaves of the years anent the life an warks o makar Weelum Neill for tae mark the hunner year fae his birth. Awmaist alane amang modren makars an screivars Neill cuid write, an write wi skeel, in Gaelic, Scots an Soothron. Wi his caufgrund in Ayrshire, Neill spent maist o his days in Dumfries an Gallowa an cam tae see the causes an daeins o the region as pairt an paircel o his ordnar haunling. Fowk that kent Neill will ken that he affen haed a shairp tongue an didna haud backwards at comin forrit whan he jaloused a cheil wis wantin sortit. Weelum Neill deed in 2010 at the age o 88. The Leaves of the years haed its first ootset at the Big Lit fest in Dumfries an Gallowa an is set furth bi Drunk Muse Press. Please speir at for mair anent the buik an hoo tae order.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • New buik anent Neill oot