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29th October 2018

The Scottish Government recently reiterated its support for the Scots-speaking community. On 3 October 2018 Mark McDonald Independent MSP for Aberdeen Donside lodged the following question To ask the Scottish Government what steps it is taking to promote and encourage the everyday use of the Scots language.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney answered the question at the Scottish Parliament on 23 October 2018 by stating It is essential that those that wish to use the Scots language are given every opportunity to use the language of their choice. For many, Scots is the language of home and community, and its use in other areas of Scottish life should be encouraged.

The Deputy First Minister referred to the Scots Language Policy published by the Government in 2015 which aims to enhance the status of Scots in public and community life, and to promote the acquisition, use and development of Scots in education, the media, publishing and the arts. He also described the work of Education Scotland, the new, free 10-hour course to be launched by the Open University, and the research and resources available at the Scots Language Centre.