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Doric Quine caa for maet

10th August 2023

Div ye hae an intress in maet an maut? Fa daesna? The Doric Quine is caain on fowk tae send her ony auld recipes that she michtna hae, alang wi ony crack, poyems an ither eiks an ens anent maet in North East Scots – ‘e Doric - tae ging alang wi them. She’s awa tae stert a crowdfunder for tae pit oot anither beukie o fowk’s favourite dishes. A body can either post them on the Doric Quine Facebook page or email them direct like tae far she wad be richt gled tae hear fae ye. A gweed hantle o the siller fae the beukie will be gien tae the The Willows Animal Sanctuary far peer beasts that’s been hurtit can get a bittie care. Sae gin ye hae a recipe at’s far ben, please lat the quine ken.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Doric Quine caa for maet