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Doric goes to Bavaria

29th January 2013

Aberdeen City Council is teaming up with its twin town – Regensberg in Bavaria, Germany – to promote the German and Scots languages in a mutual cultural exchange. In December 2012 a delegation from Aberdeen City Council visited Regensberg at the time of its Christmas Market and created much interest for shoppers and visitors by placing signs in North East Scots – known as the Doric – on market stalls. Words included general Scots (such as dreich) and words particular to the North East (such as bosie). Speaking recently to STV, Alison Black, who is community arts officer with Aberdeen City Council, revealed that the two councils will be further strengthening their links and looking at ways to promote the Bavarian and Doric dialects. In particular, German students will be visiting the North East of Scotland on 8 February. They will be making a donation to charity in Aberdeen from funds raised at their stall in Regensberg and, while in Scotland, will introduce people to the Bavarian dialect of German. Aberdeen will also be introducing Germans to the Doric dialect of Scots.