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Dialect Translators Wanted

27th November 2012

Are you a budding translator who is fluent in Scots, or a dialect of Scots? If you are, then Evertype would be interested in hearing from you. Online publishers Evertype are currently producing a variety of translations of the classic story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Just recently a version was translated into Shetland dialect by Laureen Johnson. Translations have also been produced in other versions of Scots, such as North East Scots (affectionately known as the Doric) but Jon Lindseth, who works with Evertype, would like more translations to become available. In particular, he would like to hear from translators who are able to produce versions of ‘Alice’ in the following dialects of Scots: Orkney, Caithness, East Angus & Kincardine, Southern (aka Borders), and Glasgow city. If you would like to suggest yourself as a candidate in any of these dialects please contact Jon Lindseth at .