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Scots Christmas Cards on Sale

27th November 2012

The 2012 Yule Caird in Scots is now available from Scots Tung in Musselburgh. This year’s card (see photo) features Bambi and carries the message ‘A Blythe Yuletide an a Guid New Year’ with the sentence ‘Perjink wee thing sae trig sae braw’ under the picture. Inside the card is a three stanza poem in Scots by Richard Heinsar who is the convener of Scots Tung. Cards are available to buy in the shops at £2 a card but you can order directly from Scots Tung at the price of £9 (plus £1.50 pp) for a pack of ten cards. Cards may be purchased from Richard Heinsar, Convener Scots Tung, 58 Whitehill Avenue, Musselburgh, EH21 6PE, and cheques should be made out to ‘Scots Tung’. Please remember to state how many cards you would like and give your name and address. Scots Tung can also be contacted on 0131 6659351 or .

Christmas cards are also available from Scottish Language Dictionaries. This year they have produced a card designed by pupils at Aileymill Primary School in Greenock in celebration of the 10th anniversary of SLD. The design shows a Christmas tree with various words in Scots and the message 'A Braw Yuletide and a Guid New Year'. Packs of five cards for £3 (plus postage) are available from SLD. Please e-mail: .