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Death of Dr George Philp

6th November 2012

It is with much sadness that the Scots Language Centre has learned of the death of Dr George Philp. George died on Saturday 3 November 2012. He will be remembered as a leading figure in the promotion of the Scots language during the past forty years and, in particular, as the founding father of the Scots Language Society which was established in 1972. Many people will be familiar with the wide range of audio recordings in Scots collected and made available through the Scotsoun collection established by George and also the video material marketed under the name Scotseen. Together, these represent a considerable achievement and an invaluable resource for the future. George will be greatly missed as will his energy and passion for the Scots language. The funeral will take place at 11am on Thursday 8 November at the Linn Crematorium, 413 Lainshaw Drive, Glasgow.

You can hear Dr Philp speaking at the collogue of the Scots Leid Associe in May 2012. Please follow this link: