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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

  • Valerie

    writing for children

  • Sheila

    working in the bank

  • Nancy

    how Caithness people speak

  • Colin

    talks about what Doric means

  • Gavin

    the story of a farmer

  • Richard

    his father's job

  • Yvonne

    waiting for a delivery

  • Chris

    talks about the Yellowhammer

  • Alasdair

    the word 'souter'

  • Wullie

    the word 'jink'

The Main Dialects of Scots

Scots is the collective name for Scottish
dialects known also as ‘Doric’,
 ‘Lallans’ and ‘Scotch’ or by
more local names such as
‘Buchan’, ‘Dundonian’,
‘Glesca’ or ‘Shetland’.

There are four main dialect regions
sub divided into 10 sub dialects;
Insular (Orkney & Shetland)
Northern (Caithness, North East,
East Angus & Kincardine) ,
Central (East Central North, East Central
South,West Central, & South Central) 
Southern (Southern aka Borders)

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