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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Scots Christmas Activities

            Christmas is an excellent opportunity to use Scots with your learners read more

Oor Wullie guide tae Scots language site

The Oor Wullie guide tae Scots language site, from National Library of Scotland, has a great selecti read more

Scots numbers

Scots Language Centre have a set of numbers in Scots which are useful for teaching purposes. Th read more

Children's books in Scots

If you’re looking for children’s books written in Scots, there are countless titles avai read more

Wee Windaes Teaching Resources

The Wee Windaes website, from National Library of Scotland, features a range of  read more

Scots Language Dictionaries develop new materials

Scots Language Dictionaries have a wealth of  read more

Thistle Education Solutions

Thistle Education Solutions have produced a range of Scots language school resources. These  include a range of titles including Oor Toon read more

Teaching Shakespeare, Using Scots

Follow this link to read a blog by Amy Douglas, an English teacher in Tynecastle read more

BBC Voices

The British Library have an online archive of recordings made by the BBC as part of the BBC Voices project. The BBC Voices project provided a snapshot of the linguistic landscape of the UK at the read more


New Qualification in Scots

An exciting development has recently taken place for the first time, a qualification in the Scots language is now available.  read more

Dialect word lists and features The following Education Scotland pages provide

read more

Historical Thesaurus of Scots

The Historical Thesaurus of Scots is a new online resource which  read more

A Handsel For Every Bairn Whit sangs, tales an dauncin culd we gie ilka bairn in Scotlan fir a richt guid handsel?

read more

The Aitken papers

A. J. Aitken, ed. Caroline Macafee, ‘Collected Writings on the Scots Language’ (2015)A. J. Aitken (1921-1998) was a leading authority on the Scots language and one of the chief editors oread more

Food and Scots language

New education resources have been developed which encourage exploration of Scots language food words and phrases.  read more

Free resources for teachers

Within Scots Language Centre website there are a many pages which teachers may find helpful read more

Watching and Listening

Links to pages where Scots language can be listened to or watched on more

A history of Scots language

The history of the Scots language is provided in this Education Scotland animation, narrated by Scots Language Education Coordinator Simon Hall.Education Scotlandread more

Reading and Exploring

Links to pages with information about Scots language and free downloadable documentsread more

Scots language audio resources

Song and reading resources for use in the classroom audio resources for and about how Scots is used in educational settings.   read more

William Soutar and Scots language

The Perth poet William Soutar wrote in English and in Scots, many of the poems forming a collection read more

Scots CPD and CLPL Resources

Scots Language CLPL resources for Primary and Secondary teachersread more

Boswell’s Scottish dictionary

Susan Rennie has established a website celebrating the rediscovery of  read more

North East Scots resources: Elphinstone Institute Kist

The Elphinstone Institute, at Aberdeen University,  read more

Former Features

Links to previous features covering a wide range of subjects most contain information, downloadable documents, sound files to listen to orread more