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Map of Scotland - Teaching Ideas

The Scots Language Centre has produced an online, interactive map of Scotland with Scots place-names.


Click here to see and explore the map.


Lesson Ideas

Using the interactive map of Scotland is a fun way to help learners explore the language and culture of their local community.


For younger learners:

Teachers could explain the origins of the place names that are around the school area, and learners draw the geographical feature - for example, learners could draw a burn (stream), a kirk (church), a brae (hillside) or a brig (bridge).

Learners could then draw a road sign with the place-name and/or a picture of the geographical feature.


For older learners:

Learners could find their local area on the interactive map, and look at the photos on the map showing the examples of Scots language. They could then survey their class to find out how many people use the Scots words and understand their meaning.

The following downloads may help:

SLC Map Gazetteer

ASL Place Names of Scotland


All learners

Use our ‘Mak a Sign’ feature to make a road sign featuring the Scots version of place-names around the school.