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BBC Scots stories

BBC Scotland has published a series of Scots audio stories for children and young people.

There are 16 stories:

Tommy and the Angel – a modern re-telling of Tam O’Shanter.

The Draiglen Hogney – a story about a young girl tasked with defeating an evil ogre.

Theseus and the Minotaur – set in modern-day Scotland, this story is a Scots take on tale of a creature with a bull’s head and a man’s body.

Shellycoat - written by Susan Rennie and based on the mythological creatures who haunt burns and rivers. You can download teaching resources for this story below. 

Pandora’s Box – a humorous version of the story, told by the eponymous young female protagonist.

King Midas – the famous story, given a Scots translation by Crawford Logan.

Helen and Aphrodite – the famous Greek myth is re-told in Scots.

The Candle and The Auld Man of Littledean – ghost stories, written by Alan Bissett.

The Stane – an engaging story about a young boy who has an amazing adventure after touching a Pictish stone.

Yarmin Rasmin - written and narrated by Valerie Watt, in Shetland Scots, this story tells of the adventures of a young lamb.

Mac and Magic - a story about a young boy and his mission to overcome shyness with the help of his dog. Written and narrated by Rab Wilson.

Freya, Grandad and the Iggaleens - written and narrated in Orkney Scots by Alison Miller, this story is about a girl who uses her imagination to help overcome her worries.

The Treisur Hunters - a tale of a treasure-hunting competition. Written by Sheena Blackhall and narrated by Morna Young. 

Scaffies o Space - a scaffie is a Scots word meaning 'street sweeper' or 'refuse collector'. This story, written and narrated by Alan McClure, tells of a spaceship mission that goes wrong.

Mair Cream! - written and narrated by Susi Briggs, this tells the tale of a frustrated mammy who emplys the hlep of some fairies.