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Teaching Resources for CfE Levels Two and Three

Harry Potter in Scots Using Scots in the classroom can be an engaging way of enhancing learners’ skills in Literacy and English. In terms of developing tools for reading, using Scots language texts can encourage children to develop strategies for reading unfamiliar words and determining the meaning of new vocabulary using sound and context clues. Scots texts can also be employed to help learners relate stories to their own lives. In writing, learners can use Scots to engage the reader and create believable characters and vivid settings.


From Primary 5 onwards, Scots can also be used as ‘L3’ or ‘Language 3’ as part of the 1+2 Languages approach. Within this context, learners can use Scots to make connections between vocabularies of different languages and demonstrate their ability to use a bilingual dictionary.



Key resources for children at Level Two and Level Three of CfE include:

  • The Scots Dictionary for Schools app. This app is FREE to download and is a useful tool for all learners.

  • Scots Hoose. This website has a wealth of resources to help teach Scots, including video clips of children using the language.

  • Scottish Book Trust's resources on Roald Dahl in Scots and Using Scots in the classroom.

  • Kelpies Publishing’s Scots Glossary – a handy downloadable pdf featuring a word list to get young writers started.

  • Education Scotland’s teaching resources, including an animation detailing the History of Scots; details of 'Keen tae Ken yer Kin', a project which partners schools from different regions to explore dialect; and 100 Key Scots Words, which features downloadable word lists to use in eight different dialects.

  • National Library of Scotland’s ‘Wee Windaes’ website. This website provides older Scots texts and associated learning materials. The learners do not have to be online or have access to a PC to use the resources.

  • The Elphinstone Kist, a website which features poems and stories in North East Scots


Many, many more resources can be found by browsing the links to the left.


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