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Mither Tongue Recordit

25th November 2021

Weel kent braidcaster an screivar Billy Kay haes pit mou tae mic for tae bring us a recordit version o his kenspeckle wark Scots: The Mither Tongue. The Mither Tongue wis first set furth in 1986 whan the warna mony haundy warks anent the leid that wisna dictionars, an it haes been ootgien a puckle times ower the years. For thaim that daesna ken, this wark reenges the hail oreeginal an history o Scots, its sindry regional dialects, its clessic leetratur fae Barbour tae noo, an the contemporar poseetion o its community. An wi a puckle eiks an rewrites Billy brings us richt up tae date.

Kay belangs Ayrshire, but haes bade on Tayside for mony a year, an is weel acquent wi the sindry Scots braid Scotland. He threapit “Wi the interest in Scots warld wide noo, the audio book will help full a tuim void in fowk ayont Scotland’s kennin o the leid an hou it shuid be pronoonced. It will gie fowk a richer experience gin they hae the audio version an the text afore thaim as weel. Wha kens, mebbe it will stairt a Scots revival in a wheen fremmit airts discoverin the soonds o Scots for the verra first time.“

A body can get the recordit version o Scots: The Mither Tongue bi gait o online whaur fowk can sign up for a free shot for up tae 30 days.  The wark is echt houres an 15 meenits awthegither.

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