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Modren Makars oot

26th May 2022

No lang syne Tapsalteerie Press annoonced the first o its buiks o poyetry cryed Modren Makars wi the ettles o oot shawin new wark, an an makkin readers tentie o new poyets. In this first ane, the’r three poyets giein us a swatch o thair airt – Irene Howat, Ann MacKinnon, an Finola Scott, aw wirkin throu the Scots leid. The editor o the wark, Shetland screivar Christie Williamson, said that "Ann MacKinnon's poyims reenge fae keen seen minutiae o modern life tae da existential history o Europe, an Scotland's plaes derein. Finola Scott takks hir lyric maistery tae baith da very contemporary an also tae da deep time o Scotland's psyche. Irene Howat explores fu we as human beins connect across generations an across different experiences trow her musical Ayrshire Scots."

The buik Modren Makars (ISBN: 978-1-9162148-2-8) is hardbackit at 104 pages an can be coft for £10. For mair wittins o this, or hoo tae order, please clap on the wabsteid at or speir at Duncan Lockerbie throu email .

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