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The Aul Testament in Doric


The Aul Testament in Doric

22nd June 2023

Retired Peterheid writer (solicitor) Gordon Hay, that’s name will be weel kent til awbody wi an intress in releegious warks in Scots, haes noo set furth the Auld Testament in North East Scots, ithergaits kent as The Doric. Awthegither it haes taen a 17 year darg for Gordon tae set ower in Scots baith the New (2012) an noo the Auld (2023) Testaments.

The Aul Testament in Doric, that runs tae 758 pages, will hae its first offeecial ootset at the paroch kirk o Longside, in Aiberdeenshire, on Friday 30 Juin 2023, stertin at 7.30pm. Ingait will be free. A body can coff a dooble o the buik fae Gordon Hay direct like throu drappin him an email at or tae speir aboot it a bittie mair.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

Photie taen bi Kirk o Scotland.