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Alison's Jants in Ferlieland

18th December 2014

During the past couple of years the Scots Language Centre has followed, and assisted with, the Evertype project to produce versions of Alice in Wonderland in the various dialects of the Scots language. We are very pleased that recently a version was completed in West Central Scots (covering Ayr, Dunbarton, Lanark and Renfrew) by James Andrew Begg and entitled Alisons Jants in Ferlieland. Begg, whose love for the language is very apparent, sums up the story, and his hopes, in his own words as follows:

Mebbe Alice-in-Translation cuid be a key tae the hertsan lowse the tungso oor bairns. For heres Alison, a gallus, gleg wee lassie wi a guid Scots tung in her heid, thats no feart frae a crabbit auld Queen, nor a doitit Duchess, nor crabs an cats an creepie-crawlies; an can staun her ain, wi the haverins an cantrips o a daft Hatter, glaikit Mairch Maukin, an dozent Dormousan aye gie as guid as she gets.

A rare tare! Whit bairns cuid ask for mair?

This wonderful version of the Lewis Carroll classic would certainly make a great Christmas or New Year gift or handsel to children, family and friends. It is available through Everytpe publishers (ISBN 978-1-78201-084-5) in paperback at the cost of 10.95.


A Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone.