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Scots Leid Associe 50 Year

21st February 2022

It is noo fifty year fae the Scots Leid Associe – ithergaits kent as the Scots Language Society – wis foundit at a gaithering held in the Wee Windaes eatery, on the Royal Mile in Embra, back in 1972. In the follaein year, 1973, the first ootgie o the Associe’s journal Lallans kythed an haed intil’t aw kin kind o poyems an prose wrutten in the Scots leid. Until thir past twa-three year, it wis the ae ongauin journal in the warld wrutten in Scots, an bides the langest gauin yet.

For the fowk ahin the Associe in thae days the maist important maiter wis that the lettert tradeetion in Scots wisna tint, an that prose throu the leid wis biggit back up again.  An in this ettle sindry editors an screivars doun the years haes done brawly. Forby the yearly collogue or general gaithering o its memmers, the Associe haes supportit a Sangschaw an Screivars’ competeetion, an haes been in aboot the scuils spreidin the word. An the’r a wabsteid wi sindry materials on haun.

For tae see in its fifty year in 2022, the Associe haes pit thegither a puckle haunling. First the’ll be twa buiks – Sangs That Sing Sae Sweit – 50 Years O Lallans Poetry, an Winds That Blaw Sae Roch – Fifty years of Lallans Prose.  Baith warks will hae screivings bi sindry authors waled oot Lallans doun the years.

For mair anent the upcoming haunling o the Scots Leid Associe please div speir at Lallans co-airtar Wullie Hershaw at .

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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