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Luath Scots Learner


Luath Scots Learner

28th March 2024

It wis twinty twa year syne this comin month, in Aprile 2002, that the first hail langage coorse in the Scots leid, in modren times, wis set furth. The Luath Scots Language Learner, wrutten bi Lindsay Colin Wilson, wis, an is yet, a haundy wark that haes intil’t aw the ordnar facts an airtans anent the leid an hoo it gaes thegither. At its oreeginal prent o 346 pages it haes 25 lessons, alang wi instances o twa-wey crack throu the leid, verb tables, advice on the gremmar, an mony, mony eiks an ends tae keep a body richt. But whit maks this parteeclar langage coorse kenspeckle, is the wey that Wilson sets the leid in hits cultural backgrund, wi sindry airticles anent the culture, history, leids an modren identity o the Scots fowk, whither its meat an maut, music, or politics. An jist as wi ither coorses o this ilk, the’r a CD o aw the twa-wey crack sae that a body can get hearin the leid an-aw. Sae if ye’r a body wantin a haundy coorse in Scots, that ye can stert oot wi fae hame, an tak in yer ain time, we doot this is the ane for you. For tae speir oot mair please clap yer device on the Luath wabsteid.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots abuin.