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First Prent Press


First Prent Press

12th September 2022

Jeems IV (abuin) rang fae 1488 until 1513 (National Gallery of Scotland)

It is 515 year this week (15 September 1507) that King Jeems IV gied oot a chairter unner his privy seal grantin tae Walter Chepman an Andra Millar the richt tae set up a prent press, Scotlands first. King Jeems hisel wis versant in sindry leids an sae langage maitert til him. The press wis estaiblisht in the ware o 1508 in a hoose at the Blackfreears Wynd, aff the Soothgait o Embra, an a puckle warks in Latin, Scots, an Soothron, syne cam aff it. Some o thir buiks an prents can be seen tae this day in the National Leebrar o Scotland an mark the stert o Scotlands ain tradeetion throu the prent word.

Ther a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.