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Report anent Scots Symposium


Report anent Scots Symposium

27th July 2023

No lang syne a report wis lowsed bi the body cryed ‘The Future of Scots’, that is, the Scots leid in time tae come. The project, fundit bi the Real Society o Embra, an run oot the Versity o Glesca, haed a haun fae baith Education Scotland an Oor Vyce forby. Its heidmaist ettle is tae pit doun the foonds for a policy tae the Scots leid that micht be driven bi fowk in the community thairsels, alang wi organisations that haes an intress in uphaudin the leid. The report noo oot haes intil’t the opeenions o sindry bodies an groups an the affcome o warkshops an publict speirs. Syne, the war a symposium held ower ae day, that brocht thir sindry fowk thegither for discussion an exchenge an the report maks mention o the ettles an ideas that sprung oot o this. The report wis sent tae baith the Scots Government an the Aw-Pairty Group anent Scots in the Scots Pairlament for thaim tae conseeder whit airtans micht be taen in time tae come.

For tae ken mair anent the recommendit airtans an speirs, an the thochts o the bodies that took pairt, please dounlaid the PDF report ablow.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.