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Gagarin Way showing

22nd October 2018

Currently showing at the Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre is the play Gagarin Way. Written by Gregory Burke, directed by Cora Bissett, and performed by the Dundee Rep Ensemble, this work “addresses the departure of socialist values from a region whose political radicalism was once the cornerstone of the community.” The plot revolves around two disillusioned workers Eddie and Gary in a computer factory in Fife. They plan to kidnap a member of senior management to make a statement to the world but all does not go according to plan.

Though not a play in Scots, nonetheless it features characters who speak some elements of Scots in a Fife accent.

Gagarin Way is playing at the Dundee Rep most days from Tuesday 16 October until Saturday 3 November. There are two showings at 2.30 and 7.30 on alternate days. It is age recommended 14 plus because it contains strong language. Please contact the box office on 01382 227684 for bookings or more information.