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Doric Picture Shaw

4th July 2022

No lang syne, on 24 Juin, the winners o the Doric Film Fest gaithert thegither at The Barn, Banchory, for tae see the shawin o thair cutty pictures. This is the third fest tae be held that ettles at forderin the uiss o North East Scots (or Doric) bi gait o film an throu the media. Awthegither the war 14 intries makkit aroond the theme ‘A Sense o Time’, ilk picture five meenits lang, an lookin at the warld throu North East een, whiles douce, an whiles wi humour. In amang the war a kenspeckle picture bi director Mike Gibb anent the life an times o the Aiberdeen opera singer Mary Garden.

The winners o the scuils’ intry this year wis the pupils at Mearns Academy wi thair tak on the wark o Lewis Grassic Gibbon while the winners o the sindry film makars intry wis Charlie Abel, wi a picture anent Aiberdeen’s Trinty Haw, an Seamus Logan’s ‘Far His I Time Geen’wi actress Margaret Scott intil’t. The war a parteeclar awaird this year forby, fae the Doric Buird, gien tae Torry’s Big Noise for thair picture shawin whit the organisation daes.

For tae speir oot mair anent the Doric Film Fest clap yer device on whaur ye’ll can find wittins anent the sindry intries, sponsors, an backgrund.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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