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Eemis Stane

13th January 2022

Div ye fancy a shot at writin in the Scots leid? Div ye hae fykie tappin fingrs, an sindry ideas that’s burstin tae splairge the wab? Weel noo the’r a new online deegital magazine in Scots that’s set tae jyne Lallans an ither like-mindit blads an bit screivings. Cryed Eemis Stane, this new magazine is takkin baith prose an poyems in the Scots leid an is ettlin tae kythe three times throu the year. Essays, polemic, lee warks or fact-grundit speirings, an fae aw the airts, will be acceptit. Nae maiter whither ye’r an estaiblisht an weel kent screivar, or whither ye’r stertin oot, awbody is walcome.

Up tae three poyems, 75 lines awthegither, or prose up tae 2000 words, will be acceptit in ae shot. The deidline for pittin in screivings agin the first Eemis Stane is Monanday 31 Januar 2022 an it will be set furth in Mairch.

If ye’d like tae speir at the editor for mair wittins o this please drap an email tae Tam Clark at or for mair anent the submission guidelines please tak a swatch o .

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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