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Centre leads in Google searches

16th November 2009

Commenting on the news that the Scots Language Centre leads all other organisations in online searches for Scots language, Director, Michael Hance, said, “We’re very pleased to be in this position. Since we set up our web site we’ve occupied second place behind Wikipedia in searches for Scots language. In the last fortnight SLC has made it to the top of the list. The fact that we are also in second place makes this news even more welcome.”

There has been a steady increase in visits to the Centre in the last twelve months with around 138 000 unique visits to the site since September last year. However, Hance says it’s not just visits that have helped to position SLC as the main Scots language organisation on Google. “We know that Google is also looking at our content. Google have judged our content to be good quality and clearly the fact that it changes regulary has also helped determine where we sit in their rankings and gives us an advantage over other sites.”

The Centre’s recent decision to deliver content on online platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and youtube is believed to be at the root of the most recent increases in visitor numbers.