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18th March 2024

Screivar Susi Briggs haes brocht oot a new buikie in Scots for afore-scuil bairns cryed Yum. It tells the story o a lassie cryed Jenny that’s awa tae hae her pieces in the gairden but ends up sharin them wi a moose, a coo, an a hairy oobit, an sae maks new freens. Susi commentit that she’s wantin parents an bairns tae see that Scots isna jist a spoken leid but is easy eneuch tae read aince a body taks a keek at the wrutten word.  The buik haes been illustrate wi Charlotte Brayley that grundit the character o Jenny on her ain dochter.

The buik is set furth bi Foggie Toddle Books at £7.99, wi uphaud fae the Grant tae the Scots Leid, an the Buik Trust for Scotland. It will hae its offeecial ootset this month, an throu the ware, at a wheen o fests in the sooth wast o Scotland whan Susi will speak wi bairns an faimlies anent her wark. Onybody that’s ettlin tae order Yum noo shuid clap thair device on the wabsteid o whaur thay’ll can speir oot mair wittins.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots abuin.