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Scots throu the Open Versity


Scots throu the Open Versity

19th February 2024

Throu the twa-three week bygane a bonnie wheen o teachers fae sindry backgrunds haes come forrit tae sign thairsels up tae the Open Versity’s split-new coorse anent the Scots leid. The coorse, that’s 60 houres an spreid ower nine month, can be taen fully online.  Afore noo, it wis first tried oot at Banff Academy an haes proven tae be a hanty guide wi mony teachers cawin for the leid tae be beddit in amang the scuils in general. Awthegither 120 teachers haes inrowed an the’r intress fae colleges forby. It is howpit that mony mair teachers will sign up at the neist intak in September 2024 an that baith thay, an the pupils, will tak the leid forrit in time tae come.

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