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New sangs fae Quinie


New sangs fae Quinie

1st February 2024

No lang syne musician an sangster Josie Vallely – better kent as Quinie – wis awairdit siller fae the Lottery bi gait o Scotland Makkin’s (Creative Scotland) Open Fund, for tae dae twa weeks o speirin in aboot the landscape o Kilmertin, Argyll, fae on horseback, takkin the swatch o the land an its life. Her skeel o this land will gae taewards the makkin o a split-new album o contemporar Scots sang cryed Forefowk, mind me, that will be pit thegither alang wi musicians Oliver Pitt, Stevie Jones, an Harry Gorski-Brown. Quinie is ettlin tae mak fowk mair ware o baith the Scots leid an the lifes o the Traiveling fowk forby, an she looks forrit tae wirkin wi aw the sindry fowk that gaes in tae makkin an album come aboot.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.