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UEFA Euro Tassie


UEFA Euro Tassie

20th June 2024

It seems that hauf the fowk o Scotland maun be ower in Germany for the UEFA Euro fitba tassie, an the’r likely as muckle Scots spoken the noo on the Einkaufsmeile o Cullen (Cologne / Köln) nor the Lang Stracht o Aiberdeen or the Gallagait o Glesca.  Scotland took a sair dunt in the bygane week (14t Juin) whan oor team wis defait 5-1 at the hauns o Germany, but oor lang-tholin nation haes aye been guid at gettin abuin, an haudin-gauin. Oor neist gemm, agin Swisserland (19 Juin), seen Scotland draw 1-1 wi a hail fae McTominay, an gied Scotland a muckle wantit pynt tae keep the kintra’s howps in life for the hinmaist gemm o the group agin the Republict o Ungary.  Mind noo, keep a calm souch!

Photie: The Fitba Associe o Scotland

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