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Doric Beet Camp


Doric Beet Camp

21st March 2024

Fit wey’s the nae mair coorses throu Doric?  This is the question that wis pit tae Dr Jamie Fairbairn, the heid o humanities at Banff Academy, an teacher o the Scots leid. Weel, efter speirin aboot a bittie, the affcome o this question wis the Doric Beet Camp, that is, a camp far fowk can spik naething but North-East Scots, ithergaits kent as The Doric. It’s nae jist for learners, but for fowk at’s versant an-aa an can gie ithers a bittie help.

Fairbairn an ither teachers fae Banff will be haein a wikkend o clesses in Doric, anent The Doric, an aa aboot the culture, that will run fae 5.30pm, on Seturday 5 July, throu until 2pm on Sunday 7 Jooly 2024.  The clesses will be attendit bi bothy singer Dougie Hay, alang wi teachers Rebecca Logan, Stuart McClymont, an Aidan Robertson, an will be held in the Portsoy Sail Laft.

The price o the coorse is jist £20, wi ludgings offert tae fowk at’s comin a lang gait, but ony body wi an intress maun speir bi 31 Mey for tae mak sheer o the puckle places. Please clap yer device at for tae get mair wittins o this.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots abeen.