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Sangschaw 2024

18th January 2024

Tak tent that the deidline for the Sangschaw competeetion is 31 Januar 2024. The yearly Sangschaw is run bi the Scots Leid Associe an is for screivars in Scots tae shaw thair skeel in the leid. The’r three tassies awthegither tae be won for three sindry kinds o screivin. The first is the Robert McLellan Tassie for prose up tae 3000 words. The second ane is the John McPhail Law Tassie for ony owersettin fae anither leid up tae 3000 words. The last ane is the Hugh MacDairmaid Tassie for oreeginal poyetry up tae 60 lines.

Ilk intry submittit is £5 or £12 for pittin in wark in aw three kinds. Ye can ingie yer wark bi gait o email at but mind ye maun mak yer intry peyment bi bank transfer tae the Scots Leid Associe. Please tak a swatch o the Associe page for mair parteeclars anent this. For thaim that wad like tae pit in for the compeetion bi post, please send yer wark, wi yer name an hame backin on anither bit paper, alang wi either clink or a bankline for yer peyment, tae c/o 6 Dryden Place, Embra EH9 1RP. Mind, aw banklines maun be made oot tae ‘The Scots Language Society’.

Aw thaim that pits in for the competeetion will be gien feedback anent thair wark whither thay win a tassie or no.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.


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