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Ulster Braidcasting Fund


Ulster Braidcasting Fund

11th March 2024

No lang syne the caw gaed oot for fowk wi deegital projects tae pit in tae the Braidcasting Fund for Ulster Scots.  The fund wis estaiblisht for fowk ettlin at makkin deegital warks for baith hame aboot an ootland een, o aw ages, an in the scuils an oot. In pittin thegither sic warks, the makars o them haes been askit tae comprehend a mercatin plan anent social media for tae shaw hoo best thay can sell thair warks til a braid audience online. For ordnar, thaim pittin in for the fund maun be inrowed independent companies that’s steidit in Norland Irland. Amang the projects that’s gien uphaud bi gait o the Braidcasting Fund is ony warks that’s makkit throu the Scots o Ulster or haes muckle drawn fae its leetratur.

For tae get mair wittins o this, it is recommendit that fowk first speir at Heidi McAlpin, the Fund Executive (, an syne a link tae the application form will be sent oot. Aw thaim pittin in for the fund maun first fill oot this form an eik ony documents sib tae the process. Please tak tent that the deidline for pittin in for the fund is Friday 19t Aprile 2024.

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