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Leid album oot


Leid album oot

22nd January 2024


A split-new album o Scots sang, cryed Leid,  is awa tae hae its first ootset on 17 Februar 2024. The album is brocht ti us bi weel kent screivar, poyet an Lallans editor Wullie Hershaw, alang wi The Bowhill Players - Erik Knussen, Jenn Knussen, David Hershaw, Ross Fairbairn, Becky Verdon an Fraser Speirs.  We doot this will kittle awbody wi an intress no jist in the Scots leid, but aw thaim that’s a love o sang that comes oot the hert o the community. A body can get a pree o the wark here  bi gait o Youtube wi Wullie an the Players giein us the teetle sang o the album.

On Seturday 17 Februar the’ll be a concert tae see in the new album, at The Old Ship Inn, Lochgelly, stertin at hauf seeven in the eening. Ingait is free. The album can be coft throu Folksville Records.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.