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Buik Trust Awairds


Buik Trust Awairds

22nd February 2024

The Buik Trust for Scotland is jist efter annooncin its 2024 awairds tae new screivars. The ettle ahin thir awairds is tae gie uphaud tae up-an-comin screivars, baith bi gait o a puckle siller, an advice fae skeely an estaiblisht fowk o lettert airts. New screivars will be gien the inlat for tae ootset thair warks amang publishers an ithers forby. The warks this year comprehends screivings in aw three o the Scots Gaelic, Scots, an Soothron leids, an amang them is Ross Crawford that springs fae Ayrshire an haes wrutten a wheen o cutty stories for Lallans an ither journals. On hearin that he’d gotten an awaird he said he head near fentit, but wis lookin  forrit tae makkin mair new warks in the year aheid. Please clap yer device here  for tae speir oot mair anent the Buik Trust an the wark that it daes.

The'r a soond file o this airticle in Scots abuin.