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A 1000 Neeps and Tatties


A 1000 Neeps and Tatties

29th January 2024

A buikie airtit at bairns is helpin tae brek doun narra-nebbit opeenion an tae unnerstaun the sindry differs fowk micht haud anent culture, releegion, an lifestyles. The buikie, cryed Neeps and Tatties, wis wrutten bi Carey Morning an illustrate bi Anna York, an haed its first ootset back in 2021. Throu the story o twa vegetable tribes at weir wi ane anither, the bairns learns o sic cheils as narra-nebbit or reekit opeenion an that throu speakin an speirin we can affen see by thaim. At the hinnerend, in the story, the twa tribes learns tae thole ane anither. This bygane week Siobhian Brown, the government meenister for Victims an Community Safety, peyed a veesit tae the wee scuil in Lithgae for tae see pupils makkin uiss o the buikie alang wi the cless gemms an ither haunling grundit on the buik an its story. As o 2024, ower a 1,000 wee scuils braid Scotland haes noo made uiss o Neeps and Tatties.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.