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Facts is cheils


Facts is cheils

14th March 2024

This week bygane, an as the affcome o a speir bi gait o freedom o information, the Scots Government haes lowsed feegurs anent the siller it wares on behauf o baith the Gaelic an Scots leids. In the spenning year 2023-24 the siller set aside for the Gaelic leid is £29,422,795.00 while for the Scots leid in the same year the siller is £553, 500.00. Sae faur, the siller wared on a Bill anent the Leids o Scotland, that’s in hauns the noo in Halyrood, is £24,009.49. Please clap yer device here  for tae get the hail feegurs for baith the leids thir twa-three year bygane, or, for a mair pyntit brekdoun o the same.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots abuin.