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Mair warks in Scots oot

23rd June 2022

Thanks tae the Publication Grant tae the Scots Leid, a puckle mair warks haes been wrutten, owerset an set furth throu Scots. The ettle ahin the grant is tae gie uphaud tae fowk wirkin on baith owersettin auld warks or makkin new anes throu the Scots leid, an the’r nine buiks noo oot. Aiblins the maist kenspeckle, as a wark weel kent the braid warld, is Thomas Clark’s owersettin o George Orwell’s political satire Animal Farm, first set furth in 1945. Set on a ferm in Ingland that the beasts haes taen ower fae the humans, at the hinnerend it gaes the same gait as the Soviet Union unner Stalin. Makkin comment anent the grant, Education Secretar Shirely-Anne Somerville said that the Scots Government wis gled tae see the siller noo in its fort year an that it wis weel seen publishin throu Scots wis hail an fere. The hail leet o buiks is as follaes: Aninal Farm, bi Thomas Clark, Birds and Beasties: Scots Poems For Bairns, bi JK Annand an edit bi Matthew Fitt an James Robertson, Cedric The Flapper Skate, bi Jackie Ross an edit bi Gordon Hay, Da Hametrowe Alamanc, bi Roseanne Watt an Marjoelin Robertson, Liberties, bi Peter Bennett, Mum and William Wordsworth, bi Julie Kennedy, Sangs That Sing Sae Sweit (50 Years O Lallans Poetry), a gaithery o sindry screivars that kythed in Lallans, an edit wi William Hershaw, Elaine Morton an J Derrick McClure, The Ballads And Songs of Carrick, bi Rev Roderick Lawson an edit bi Neil McDermott, an The King O’ The Cats, bi Paul Tonner an set ower bi Dr Michael Dempster.

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